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NORTHGATE:  Conveniently located just 7 miles north of the Space Needle ...

Travel by freeway (I-5) or Aurora Ave. N. (Highway 99), 15th Ave. NE, or several other major arterials.  Easy bus ride. 


507 NE Northgate Way / Seattle, WA  98125

Coming North from the Space Needle:

From Broad Street, turn LEFT at 9th Ave. NE for about 300 feet, then turn LEFT at Mercer and stay in the left turn lane. Follow the signs and take the on-ramp to North I-5.  You can take the left fork to the Express Lanes northbound, or if traveling with a passenger, you can swing into the comuter lane.  Otherwise, you just stay to the right and merge onto I-5 northbound.  Travel about five (5) miles and exit to the right at Exit #173 - which is 1st Ave. NE.  Turn LEFT at 1st Ave. NE ... turn RIGHT at Northgate Way.  Continue for four blocks to 5th Ave. NE and watch for 507 ... a one-story flat roof building on the north side of Northgate Way.


Coming South from Everett:

Take the Maple Street on-ramp to South I-5.  Travel about 21 miles to exit #173 and follow the directions above from that point. 

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